Mason & Hamlin Grand and Upright Pianos

Why we love to restore Mason & Hamlin grand and upright pianos

Mason & Hamlin pianos were built like tanks! Actually in some ways they were “overbuilt” They have some of the thickest case rims and heaviest harps. These pianos were built to last centuries.  We love restoring these older Mason & Hamlins back to life because the end result is stunning. The craftsmanship and materials used to build these pianos was incredible. Replacement parts are always available for these instruments making them a great candidate for restoration.

History of Mason & Hamlin

Founded in 1854, Mason & Hamlin is one of America’s oldest and most respected piano manufacturers. Of the hundreds of American piano companies that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mason & Hamlin is one of only a handful that survive today. These pianos have a reputation for being exceptionally built, a thunderous bass, and a beautiful mellow tone.

Grand Models, size and weight

Model S-G         4’10”    550lbs.

Model B             5’4”      750 lbs.

Model T             5’4”      750 lbs.

Model A             5’8”      794 lbs.

Model AA          6’2”      900 lbs.

Model BB          7’0”      1020 lbs.

Model CC          9’2”      1500lbs.


Serial Numbers

1900-11800        1947-53500        1965-69100        1974-77493

1910-19100        1948-55000        1966-69949        1975-78730

1915-24000        1950-57800        1967-71006        1976-80019

1920-29000        1955-61800        1968-71994        1977-81100

1925-32700        1960-65200        1969-72945        1978-82731

1930-39600        1961-66016        1970-74263        1979-84184

1935-42500        1962-66604        1971-74791        1980-85853

1940-48000        1963-67478        1972-75534        1981-87013

1946-53000        1964-68309        1973-76447        1982-87013

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I bought a restored Steinway from Country Piano. The whole experience was pleasant, unhurried, and resulted in my acquisition of a great piano, which will be good for a lifetime. The Country Piano website is user friendly and allowed me to sample hundreds of entries in the privacy of my home. Good quality speakers in my PC helped me listen to the subtleties of sound performance of their dozens of offerings.

My appointment to their showroom lead to a low key conversation with the knowledgeable owner who applied no sales pressure at all. I was free to play any piano I wanted. Price info was in full display so I could make informed choices. I got a fair trade value on my old 5′ 1″ 1965 Baldwin via digital pictures I had brought along. The deal included free moving for both pianos, free first tuning for my new piano, and a five year warranty.

I selected a 1906 Model A Steinway, 6′ 2″. It sounded great at the demo site, and sounded great at my home in Georgia. The 1906 Victorian Steinway arrived intact on the promised date and sounded at home better than at the store. I own a superb fully restored instrument with a real ivory keyboard as good looking as it was in 1906. The harp lettering is so crisp that I bet it looks better than it it did in 1906. This is like a new Steinway, with a new soundboard, bridge caps, action, pinblock, pins, strings, and all new felts. I believe the instrument looks and sounds better than it did in 1906. A keeper in every respect.

I am in love with my Model A, a genuine piece of Americana. I think the Country Piano Steinways are the best value in grand pianos today.

J. Paris – GA- Restored 1906 Steinway “A”