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Steinway Pianos for Sale - Binghamton New York NY

Restored Pianos from the "Golden Age" of Steinway & Sons

Looking for a Steinway piano?

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Steinway Grand Pianos
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We are only an hour and a half drive from Binghamton, NY

Country Piano Shop

3942 Hillside Way

Burdett, NY 14818

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About Country Piano:

Country Piano is a legendary Steinway piano restoration and sales company who has been restoring vintage Steinway pianos to “better than new” condition since 1970. Our skilled craftsmen restore turn-of-the-century "golden age" Steinway pianos and have many styles, models and years available in our showroom to choose from. Nationwide piano moving is available for of the USA.

Get a Steinway Piano from the "Golden Age" of Steinway & Sons.

Vintage restored Steinway grand pianos are considered to be the finest sounding pianos in the world. The majority of our restored and used Steinway pianos date from the "Golden Age" of Steinway, the period around the turn of the century to World War II. Certainly during this time frame the level of craftsmanship of Steinways was at its peak.

The following items are no longer available in "newer" Steinways:

  • All pre 1945 Steinway pianos were built with Original Cast Steel Steinway Manufactured Foundry Harps. These original foundry harps are not available in Steinways after 1945 as Steinway no longer produced them but had them commercially manufactured.

  • Vintage Steinways were also originally produced with Real Ivory Keyboards (Ivory was discontinued in the early 1960s and plastic keytops were introduced.)

  • These two items alone in our opinion represent an era of craftsmanship no longer available in newer Steinways. During our restorations we use these original factory harps and Ivory keyboards.

  • We also install New York Steinway & Hamburg Steinway replacement action parts (German - Renner built) in our restored Steinways.

  • We also install the highest quality Sitka Spruce Soundboards in our restorations - (the same exact Spruce found in a vintage or a new Steinway today)

We feel that our restored vintage Steinway grand pianos represent some of the best values available on the market.

Call Country Piano today at (607) 546-2712
to inquire about our restored Steinway Pianos.

Country Piano

"Nationwide Piano Restoration & Sales since 1970"

3942 Hillside Way
Burdett, NY 14818

Ph: (607) 546.2712

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